Motorcycle Parking

As always,  the number of bikers expected to visit Port Dover on Friday the 13th depends a great deal on weather.

On Friday, September 13, 2019 a large crowd is expected — and if weather is agreeable, it could be a huge crowd. There is another event in 2019 but it’s Friday, December 13th and not as good for riding.

There are no entry restrictions for bikes entering Port Dover.

Parking is available for motorcycles throughout the downtown streets. Main Street provides for motorcycles parking along both sides of the street on a first-come basis north of Nelson Street. In a change for this event, there will be no motorcycle parking in the two blocks of downtown Port Dover from Powell Park to Nelson Street. Instead, vendors will be set up along the street in those two blocks.  Parking is also available on most side streets.

There is no charge for motorcycle parking along the street.


Friday the 13th in Port Dover